Domestic Appliance
  • Shangshai Bolting Cloth was established for more than 20 years to produce filter mesh which is stable,surface is smooth.

  • Widely used in household appliances industry, such as washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, air filters, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, dishwasher filters, beverage filters, hot pots, coffee machines, water purifiers, TV, mobile phones, headphones, computers, audio, speakers, microphones, hair dryers, etc.

  • Air condition mesh
  • Washing machine mesh
  • Vacuum cleaner mesh
  • Hair drier mesh


  • Compared with metal mesh, it has excellent fatigue resistance

  • High strength and tear resistance

  • Corrosion-free, easy to clean

  • Good filtration effect

  • Light texture and smooth surface

  • Chemical and thermal stability

  • Uniform opening, good filtration efficiency

Accessory Products
  • nylon filter mesh
  • round piece
  • Metal Wire Screen Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Cutting Filter Mesh
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