Silk Screen Printing
  • Stainless steel screen printing mesh is mainly used for direct plate making, the surface curved surface printing products, such as: glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, printed circuit and so on.

  • Features: 1. Uniform mesh opening, stable 2. Uniform weave; 3. Braided; 4. Anti-curling; 5. High tension.

  • stainless steel ceramics screen printing
  • stainless steel rubber screen printing
  • stainless steel glass screen printing
  • stainless steel PCB screen printing


  • Good printing accuracy;

  • Good printing resistance

  • Good ink/slurry printing thickness control ability.

Accessory Products
  • Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh
  • High Tension Screen Printing Mesh
  • Screen Printing Squeegee
  • Silk Screen Printing Screen
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