Electronic Printing
  • The electronics industry is one of the most demanding industries in all screen printing applications. Here, screen printing must achieve the highest reproducibility requirements, standardized production processes and precise printing parameters. Screen printing mesh parameters such as high tensile strength, dimensional stability, longer life and optimum ink release are important.

  • Membrane switches and keyboards are everyday items that must be able to maintain good appearance and performance after undergoing a large number of physical tests. In addition, inscriptions such as marks, labels and numbers must be clearly identifiable after many years of use, and printing networks can be used to print film switches and keyboards.

  • When driving, our eyes mainly focus on the road, but we must always know the speed of the vehicle, so we often look at the tachometer, the dial marks and figures are also printed by the screen printing network.

  • The rapid spread of tablets and smartphones proves that the touch screen reform has just begun, and flat-panel displays with better quality and attractive design have increasingly become everyday household items. In this field, screen printing is also attracting attention. Whether it is used for overlay screens or as a simple polyester screen.

  • electric diaphragm switch screen prinitng.jpg
  • LCD screen printing
  • PCB screen printing mesh
  • car dashboard screen printing


  • Printing adaptability

  • Strong sense of three-dimensional

  • Strong light resistance

  • Low elongation

  • Good mechanical resistance

  • UV light resistance

  • Not sensitive to climate impacts

  • Good resilience

  • The printing area is large, which is not limited by the shape of the surface of the substrate and the size of the area.

  • Screen printing can use a variety of types of ink

  • The layout is soft, the screen printing surface is soft and has certain elasticity. It is not only suitable for printing on soft items such as paper and cloth, but also suitable for printing on hard items

  • Screen printing has a small printing force, and is suitable for printing on fragile objects because of the small pressure used in printing.

Accessory Products
  • PCB screen printing mesh
  • Advertisement Screen Printing Mesh
  • High Tension Screen Printing Mesh
  • Stainless Steel Screen Printing Mesh
  • Screen Printing Squeegee
  • Wooden Handle Screen Printing Squeegee
  • Silk Screen Printing Screen
  • Precise Scren Printing Screen
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