Milling Industry
  • In order to solve a variety of separation work in food applications, Shangshai specially designed and produced a number of columns of filtration and screening filter milling products which Mainly divided into GG, XX, XXX, metal mesh and other products. Product material range includes PET (polyester, polyester), PA (nylon, nylon) and metal mesh. It is mainly applied to the entrance and exit of all kinds of high square screen cloth, and also to the connection between the cleaner and the cleaner. It is also widely used in centrifuges, such as biology, pharmaceuticals (API, insulin and oncology), fine chemicals requiring high purity and closed filtration systems, food (starch and cassava powder) and environment (FGD and gypsum).

  • Vibrating screen cylinder
  • Cleaning machine screen
  • cleaning machines
  • Double bin flat screen


  • High safety, in line with food safety requirements

  • Long wear resistance and high powder yield

  • Good antistatic effect

  • Width, length customizable

  • High flexibility

Accessory Products
  • GG
  • XX
  • XXX
  • CB CQ Silk Screen Series
  • Nylon Filter Mesh
  • Polyester Filter Mesh
  • Powder Coating Filter Bag
  • Stainless Steel Test Sieve
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