Wastewater Treatment
  • Shangshai Bolting Cloth was established for more than 20 years to produce filter mesh which is stable, the hole is even, the accuracy is high, the surface is smooth,and food grade.

  • Used in many industries, especially industrial liquid filtration, drinking water purification and filtration, such as sewage, pure water, tap water, mineral water, drinking water, seawater, etc.

  • It is the process of purifying a water body or according to the requirement of reused water quality. Such filters are usually processed into filter belts, filter strips, filters and so on.

  • Production Wastewater
  • domestic Wastewater
  • Agricultural Wastewater
  • waste water treatment


  • Smooth surface

  • Mesh cloth is strong and durable

  • Recycling, easy to clean

  • Mesh uniformity

  • High filtering accuracy

  • Good filtration effect

  • Deeply processable into strips, sheets, tubes, etc.

Accessory Products
  • nylon filter mesh
  • polyester filter mesh
  • plastic net
  • Metal Wire Screen Mesh
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