Food Industry
  • Stainless steel mesh belt, polyester polyester mesh belt and nylon nylon mesh belt are generally used in food conveying line, fruit cleaning line, meat product conveying line, canned beer production line, grain industry conveying line, vegetable cleaning and processing line, tea drying conveying line, medicine drying conveying line, egg drying conveying line. Stainless steel mesh belt can also be used in quick-frozen food, fried food, sugar sprayer, chocolate coating and various bread and pastry food baking conveyor lines, large bread and food processing cooling tower, etc.

  • bread cooking machine
  • biscuit cooking machine
  • food cooling tower
  • corns conveyor machine


  • Smooth transmission and low driving torque

  • Hard and durable mesh surface, not easy to deform

  • The mesh surface is clean, non-toxic and easy to clean

  • Very convenient maintenance and disassembly

Accessory Products
  • Z-Type Mesh Belt
  • Spiral Mesh Belt
  • V Shape Mesh Belt
  • Polyester Mesh
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