Industrial Water Treatment
  • Polyester mesh belt, also known as polyester filter press, or sewage desliming net, is mainly used in municipal sewage sludge, paper mill pulp press, juice press, smelter and mine tailings dry drainage and other pressure filtration industries. It is mainly used with belt filter press, rubber belt vacuum filter and horizontal belt vacuum filter.

  • Environment water treatment
  • Industrial sewage desliming
  • industrial water treatment
  • wastewater treatment


  • Permeable and watertight materials (sludge)

  • Strong acid and alkali resistance

  • The mesh design makes the filter cake easy to peel off and clean.

  • Convenient installation and disassembly

Accessory Products
  • Polyester Mesh
  • Nylon Filter Mesh
  • Customized Monofilament Filter Bag
  • Plastic Ring Liquid Filter Bag
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