Healthcare Field
  • Shangshai Bolting Cloth was established for more than 20 years to produce filter mesh which is stable, the hole is even, the accuracy is high, the surface is smooth.

  • Mainly used in medical filters, such as infusion, blood filter, medical purifier, diagnostic test paper, hemodialysis, blood concentrator, primary bacterial filtration outside medical mask, etc.

  • Hemodilution
  • Infusion filtration
  • Diagnostic test filter paper
  • Serum dilution


  • Good air permeability and low resistance

  • Uniform and stable accuracy

  • Direct filtration, simple process

  • Repeatable cleaning, high economy

  • High efficiency and long service life

Accessory Products
  • nylon filter mesh
  • nylon filter disc
  • nylon filter ribbon
  • stainless steel cutting disc
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