Paint Coating
  • Shangshai Bolting Cloth was established for more than 20 years to produce filter mesh which is stable, the hole is even, the accuracy is high, the surface is smooth.Applied to powder, paint, paint filtration, etc.

  • The mesh used for filtering gold and silver powder is mainly between 30 mesh and 200 mesh.

  • The mesh should be precise, smooth and recyclable.

  • The mesh used in powder filtration requires uniform opening, strong wear resistance and recycling.

  • The mesh used in paint filtering requires fine mesh, high precision, strong and recyclable.

  • Coating filtration
  • Paint filtration
  • Powder filtration
  • Filtration of gold and silver powder


  • Recycling, easy to clean

  • Mesh uniformity

  • Wear-resistant, firm

Accessory Products
  • nylon filter mesh
  • polyester filter mesh
  • dust filter bag
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