Surface Spraying
  • Surface coating is a way of applying resin and pigment to the surface of an object.

  • Surface Spraying (Plastic Parts): The four major elements that make up the coating include: 1. Resin; 2. Pigment; 3. Solvent; 4. Additives.

  • These solvents pass through the filter screen, making the solvent more uniform and free of impurities.

  • Applications: spray gun filter, nozzle filter, filter, filter cartridge main use air spray machine, high pressure airless spray machine, air-assisted airless spray equipment, low flow medium pressure spray equipment.

  • Sprayer spray cartridge
  • Sprayer filter element
  • Sprayer nozzle screen
  • Sprayer spray gun
Accessory Products
  • Spray gun filter mesh
  • Humidifier filter mesh
  • Spray equipment filter mesh
  • Sprayer screen mesh
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