Silk Screen Printing Screen
Screen printing plate is an important tool material in special printing.
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We professionally pull the stencil and mesh to provide customers with high-precision screen printing, solve the problem of jagged, bad shadow and so on. It has the advantages of high resolution, good wear resistance, stable tension, smooth printing and long service life

Other name: silk screen stencil, silk screen frame, precision stencil, circuit board stencil, printed stencil and so on.

Material: aluminum alloy
Inner size: 300x400mm-500x600mm, can be customized
Color: silver, red, customizable
Surface: sandblasting and polishing
Frame size: 150x250mm-300x400m, can be customized
Packing: capsule box

1. It is not limited by the size and shape of the substrate. It can only be printed on a flat surface. The screen printing can not only print on a flat surface but also on a special shape of a molded object such as a spherical surface. Shapes can be done by screen printing.
2. The soft print of the mesh is soft and flexible.
3. The ink layer has strong coverage and can be printed on pure black paper with strong three-dimensional effect.
4. Suitable for all types of inks
5. Strong anti-rotation performance can make the gloss of printed matter unchanged. (No effect on temperature or daylight). This allows for the printing of some stickers without the need for additional filming and other processes.
6. Flexible printing methods
7. Easy to make, cheap, and easy to master
8. Strong adhesion
9. Can be hand-printed silk screen or machine-printed

used in touch screen, electronic components, solar energy, LED, CED, PCB light guide board, electronic printed circuit board, textile handbags, printing and dyeing, glass curtain wall, ceramic flower paper, outdoor advertising, signage, nameplate tobacco and alcohol packaging, plastic mold And other high-tech industries.

Silk Screen Printing Screen

Inner dimension




Frame size









  • printed mesh fabric
  • thermal screen printing mesh
  • 300 micron silk screen printing mesh
  • 43t screen printing mesh
  • 380 mesh polyester screen printing mesh
  • 53t screen printing mesh
  • nylon silkscreen printing mesh
  • 140t screen printing mesh
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