Rosin Bag
American hot sale resin rosin press filter bag
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Nylon monofilament filter bag uses the principle of surface filtration to isolate the particles larger than its own mesh. The non-deformed monofilament wire is woven into a net according to the specific pattern. The intersection of the wire is welded to increase the strength, and the filter grade is achieved. Absolute accuracy for high precision applications in the paint, ink, resin and coating industries. A wide range of micron grades and materials are available. Nylon monofilament can be cleaned to save filtration costs.

Other name:rosin bag,rosin filter bag,rosin press bag,nylon rosin bag,
rosin mesh bag,nylon rosin press filter bag,rosin press filter bag,wholesale rosin bags,120 micron rosin bags,90 micron rosin bags,
4x6’’heat press rosin filter bags

Material:nylon filter mesh、polyester filter mesh
Size:1.5"x2.5",2"x4.5",2.5"x4",3"x6",4"x6"can be customized
Mesh opening:25-1500um
Shape:Flanged rosin bags, non-turned rosin bags, seams, etc., can also be customized according to your requirements

1.Uniform mesh, large effective filtering area and higher filtration efficiency
2.Good corrosion resistance, high toughness and good elasticity
3.Good insulation and long service life

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