V Shape Mesh Belt
The herringbone mesh belt is suitable for the conveying line of small carriers.
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V shape mesh belt: It is composed of four straight and series strips connected by left and right alternating strips. Precision weaving technology makes the mesh belt have the characteristics of high density, fine mesh and flexible operation. It has high requirements for material and weaving technology.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, 45 # steel, stainless steel SS201 304, 316 L 314 2520 stainless steel, etc.

Characteristics: It has a special functions as smooth mesh surface, high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength, good air permeability, not easy to deform and durable. Chains can be added according to customer's requirements.

  • conveyor belt for food
  • stainless steel conveyor belt
  • Honeycomb Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt
  • stainless steel mesh conveyor belt
  • industrial transfer belt
  • stainless steel chocolate belt
  • Chain belt conveyor belt
  • stainless steel conveyor for food
  • metal mesh belt for cooling machine
  • Bakery Stainless Steel Conveyor Belt
  • metal wire mesh conveyor belt
  • Cooling SS304 wire mesh chain belt
  • Multi-tier Spiral Conveyor Belt
  • Copper conveyor transfer belt
  • V shape conveyor belt
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