Customized Monofilament Filter Bag
Customized monofilament filter bags, the nylon polyester monofilament filter mesh to custom-made multi-purpose monofilament filter bags according to your requirements.
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The monofilament custom filter bag is made of food grade nylon filter mesh , polyester filter mesh, polypropylene filter mesh, stainless steel filter mesh and other materials mesh to produce monofilament filter bag,the filter bag can made different shapes and specifications. The filter bag is safe, non-toxic and harmless, it can be cleaned and used many times, and exported to Europe and the United States and Southeast Asian countries. Multi-purpose use is the best choice for the filtration industry.

Other name: monofilament filter bag、nylon filter bag、nylon monofilament filter bag、polyester monofilament filter bag 、nylon mesh filter bag、nylon filter mesh bag、food grade filter bag、nylon micron mesh filter bag

Material:nylon filter mesh、polyester filter mesh、polypropylene filter mesh、stainless steel,other material、Can be customized

Can be customized

Mesh opening :25-2000um、Can be customized

Shape:Can be customized various shapes

Mouth shape:Can be customized


1.Repeatable flushing

2.FDAcertified food grade

3.Fine workmanship,durability, long service life


1.Food filtration

2. Powder coating filtration

3. Paint filtration

4. Rosin filtration

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