Milk Filtration
  • Milk filter bags are widely used in the food industry, mainly including milk, juice, mineral water, honey, wine, spirits, beer, liquor, edible oil, syrup, starch processing and so on. Mainly removes particulate impurities, suspended solids, pulp, diatomaceous earth, etc. in the product. Remove the flesh ingredients from the wine, the grain ingredients, and clarify and filter. Remove the diatomaceous earth from the beer. In the mass production, it mainly removes the granules of peanuts, sunflower seeds, rapeseed and other plants that have fallen off during the cooking oil pressing process, as well as the falling off of the impurities in the barrel during the production process, and the dust floating in the air. Milk filter bags are mainly filtered from the soil of milk and milk scale

  • coffee filter
  • juice filter
  • milk filter
  • soya-bean milk filter


  • good heat resistance

  • low resistance, can be washed repeatedly

  • low resistance, can be washed repeatedly

  • good chemical etching, alkali resistance

  • high filtration efficiency

Accessory Products
  • Nylon Filter Mesh
  • Polyester Filter Mesh
  • Nut Milk Bag
  • Plastic Ring Liquid Filter Bag
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